There are many different ways to cut your Call Costs


If you are looking for an economical, but effective means of communication, then VoIP is the ideal choice. VoIP is widely preferred for not just cost-reduction, but also for the technological advancements. VoIP works beyond a traditional telephone service and provides you with innovative services that can never experienced with standard telephones.

Portability is other notable advantage of VoIP phones. You can stay in touch with business collegues anywhere you go. Call forwarding, call waiting, voicemail, caller ID, and three-way calling are other advanced features of VoIP phones.

There are some things to think about when considering VoIP.

Do I have adequate bandwidth for voice calls to be used on my ADSL connection?

Often the answer is NO, it is recommended that you use a sepatate ADSL link for voice packets so they are not compromised with data, ensuring all calls connect and stay connected for the duration.

Call us to discuss the pros and cons of VoIP and how you can use this technology to improve business efficiency and reduce expenditure.

SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking uses the latest VoIP standard – SIP to deliver service to your company's phone system via the internet instead of using traditional exchange services.

By doing so, your company can communicate over IP while benefiting from significant savings.

By replacing traditional telephone lines with a SIP-based connection to your IP PBX, all your communications needs will be on the same broadband Internet connection.

SIP truncking works on all types of phone systems however some systems may need a gateway attached to interface with traditional hardware types.

GSM Gateways

Gateways can be used for PSTN and BRI equiped systems. Gateways come as stand alone units or work together as multiple units if your business needs to make several mobile calls at a time.

A GSM gateway is a device used to reduce the user’s costs when calling from fixed lines to GSM networks. The application is best suited to reduce the cost of the office calling staff in the field.

In general, calling from a land line service to a mobile network is more expensive than calling between mobile networks. A GSM gateway allows you to save the difference.

Cut down on call costs to mobiles by installing a GSM gateway, call us for details.

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